Media Release - 15th Oct 2011

Trend for Green Applications in Pest Control Continues to Gain Momentum in US and Abroad as Consumer Awareness Increases

Progressive Pest Management Companies Seek Innovations to Stay Competitive

Los Angeles, Ca. - The "Green" movement continues to make inroads in virtually all industries today from food, clothing, and construction materials to beauty products, energy, and landscaping. Now, a growing trend among consumers and pest management professionals, who are calling for cleaner and greener methodologies, has been added to the list according to Peter Baldwin, director of sales and marketing for Termatrac (, a leading technology manufacturer in termite and pest protection.

"The growth in green treatment programs within the pest control industry is a societal trend that has significantly gained momentum in the United States, and is also seen in countries of Asia and South America," comments Baldwin.? "Consumers have demanded environmentally responsible solutions for other aspects of every day life, and seeking alternatives to traditional treatments are certainly no exception. Progressive pest controllers are responding to this trend by seeking methods that are safe, effective and fiscally advantageous."

In particular, the TermatracT3i helps pinpoint the location of insects such as termites and allows pest management professionals to deliver precise treatments of highly effective products in minute amounts and into locations that are inaccessible to humans, preventing exposure to applied products. ?With the combination of radar, moisture and thermal detection technologies, the Termatrac T3i can improve treatment effectiveness, lower product costs and provide consumers with green treatments they increasingly demand.

The green movement has long been recognized by the Florida Pest Management Association (, a progressive statewide organization that offers education, research, and training for its members, and whose mission is to serve as stewards in order to protect the health and well being of Florida residents and visitors.

"The trend for green treatments within the industry will only continue to grow," according to Allen Fugler, FPMA's Executive Vice President. "Through the media and other resources, the consumer has become increasingly aware of newer methods of termite and pest management, which has created a demand for solutions they deem environmentally responsible."

Other factors have also contributed to the trend for Integrated Pest Management, such as EPA standards, product and consumer research, new design and treatment strategies and legislative regulations.

"As consumer demand increases, pest management companies will need to be cognizant of how the industry will change in order to stay competitive," Fugler continues.? "By keeping on top of the learning curve and implementing integrated practices related to green solutions, it will become a "win-win" for both the pest management professional and certainly for the consumer."

About Termatrac: Termatrac was founded in Australia in 1990. After conducting research at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia, the first hand-held detection radar device was developed. Additional studies and testing continued and the first version of the device was launched in 1999. Information about the TermatracT3i is available at or from local exterminators and home inspectors who use the device.

About the Florida Pest Management Association: The role of the Florida Pest Management Association is to communicate the role of the industry as protectors of food, health, property, and environment; to promote high standards of business ethics among industry members; to support research, education, and training within the industry; and to cooperate with federal, state and local government for the good of the community and the industry.