Media release - 20th April 2010

Aussie radar technology tipped to lead world termite market

Householders may soon find the threat of termite infestations under control with the invention of Australian radar technology launched recently.

Developed to aid pest control technicians, the groundbreaking Termatrac has been declared the world's first radar tracking termite device to tackle the estimated $22 billion problem annually, worldwide.

Chris Evans, Termatrac CEO says that until recently there was no way to find termites without invasive treatment such as drilling holes in walls or breaking through floors.

"This device allows us to see termite movement through walls, even determining the type of termite and treatment required without damaging the house.

"Termatrac is the world's first and only radar tracking termite device to pinpoint the problem and also uses a combination of moisture and heat monitoring. In addition to being able to find the problem precisely, its data can be accurately captured on-site for reporting and tracking purposes," says Mr Evans.

The product is attracting international interest from America, Europe and Asia with orders already flooding the Brisbane based organisation. There is so much interest that Mr Evans leaves next week for America and France with meetings with the world's largest termite organisations across the globe.

Mr Evans expects the product to have an immediate impact on the local and international termite industry eager to improve the inspection process as well as reducing the cost and damage to the household structure.

"One of the greatest challenges in the past has been establishing the true extent of termites, often resulting in costly call-backs and repeat treatments. This device allows us to find and track termites with fewer chemicals required to eradicate them," says Mr Evans.

The losses reported from termites are greater than the losses seen from a combination of flood, fire and storms. These losses are not covered by insurance claims. Mr Evans estimates that nearly 10 percent of Australian homes receive termite damage over their lifespan with 130,000 new termite attacks on an annual basis. Losses amount to $1billion annually.

"Termites are a costly problem affecting warmer climates at a greater rate. Traditionally we saw Queensland and New South Wales with the biggest problem but we now find infestations right across mainland Australia."

The CSIRO recommends regular inspections as often as once a year in cooler areas and twice a year in warmer areas keep the edges of the house such as slabs, foundation, piers and stumps clear of clutter, including garden beds and vegetation.

"Householders must ensure their pest inspectors have the best equipment to protect their home from termites. Termatrac radar technology is the only sure-fire way to do that," warned Mr Evans.

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Termatrac has continued to support the pest management industry internationally with its products since 1999. Now available in fourteen countries including Australia, Japan, India, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Spain, Portugal, France, South Africa and the USA, Termatrac products are seen by many as the fore-front of products developed purely for the termite management industry.