Media Release T1r EOL - May 5, 2013

Termatrac Announces T1r End of Life

T3i Replaces T1r as Termatrac Flagship Product

Brisbane, Australia - Termatrac ( announces the production and support End of Life for the T1r termite detection device. The T1r was an industry innovation using radar to precisely detect the location of termites. T1r end of sales is June 30, 2013, end of support is September 30, 2014.

The Termatrac T3i replaces the T1r with three detection technologies in one device. The T3i has advanced radar technology but also includes thermal and moisture sensors, giving pest control operators and home inspectors more capabilities to do their jobs better and more accurately.

Termatrac is offering a T3i for T1r Exchange Program with significant discounting and affordable payment plans.

Contact Termatrac for more information: [email protected]

About Termatrac: Termatrac was founded in Australia in 1990. After conducting research at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia, the first hand-held detection radar device was developed. Additional studies and testing continued andthe first version of the device was launched in 1999. Termatrac now offers the TermatracT3i, the second generation termite detection device that utilizes radar, thermal and moisture sensors for precise termite detection. More information about Termatrac and the Termatrac T3i is available at