Moisture Sensor


The Moisture Sensor built into the Termatrac T3i streamlines the Pest Control Technicians ability to identify concentration of moisture in walls typical of Termite Risk Areas.



Rapid Scan Moisture Analysis

  • The Moisture Sensor built into the single Termatrac T3i hand-held unit measures and records differential moisture levels in building materials without any need for physical penetration and damage.
  • Easily identify potential termite risk areas by the concentrated presence of moisture.
  • Easily and accurately identify the difference in moisture levels on most surfaces, including wood, drywall, roofing, plaster, brick, concrete, etc.
  • Specially designed padding ensures no marks occur on the tested surface areas when scanning for moisture.



Dual Mode

  • Direct Mode - shows a meter style interface with moisture percentage.
  • Relative Mode - shows the difference from a reference point. Great for finding the wettest part of an area or for scanning fibro type materials.

Easy to Read Display

  • Bar Graph and differential moisture level reading on the PDAs' large and easy-to-read screen displays the change in moisture levels.
  • Snapshot function enables operators to record a reading in the PDA and view the results later. This greatly assists termite surveys conducted in challenging locations where it is difficult to get a reading, and the data can be reviewed later in a less awkward position. In addition, the PDA enables data to be logged for report compilation and future site review analysis.

Fast and Accurate

  • Built in proprietary software analyses moisture 20 times per second, thereby enabling lightning-fast scans delivering highly accurate readings.

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