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Locate termites using non-invasive means

Pest Controllers, Fumigators

Prove that your treatments have done the job

The essential tool for all Pest Controllers

Wood destroying insects, bees, bedbugs. We can find them all!

Our Moisture Meter is best of breed

2 Tools in 1 to find moisture in walls BEFORE it becomes a problem

The world's most advanced termite inspection tool

Since 1999, Termatrac has revolutionised termite detection and now the T3i combines three important capabilities into one portable device.
When coupled with our reporting and data storage software, you can make advanced assessments of properties in a matter of minutes without knocking, breaking, drilling or climbing.
It’s portable, it’s simple and it’s in the hands of the best termite inspectors world-wide.

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Produce reports in minutes

Easily add a Termatrac report showing evidence of infestation to your usual Termite Inspection report

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Movement Detector

Termites are always moving. The T3i radar detects the movement, which is shown on the T3i Operate app..

Moisture Meter

Subterranean termites are attracted to, and carry water, Infested areas will show higher moisture readings.

Thermal Sensor

Termites generate heat when digesting the cellulose in wood. Heat fluctuations are an indicator of infestation.

Android App

Data from the T3i is displayed via a phone or tablet app. A phone device dedicated for the T3i is included in the bundle.

Cloud reporting

The app can save scan data from the sensors along with location data and comments. This information is uploaded to the Termatrac cloud.

Great Service and Support

We pride ourselves in giving the best support should problems arise.

Built with Quality for Extended Durability

We also provide professional ongoing support and service

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