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Jack Dixon started his journey as a Pest Control and Termite Management Business Owner 5 years ago. Termatrac first met Jack when he started off as a one man band. Slowly, we have seen him grow his business into a trusted Pest Control and Termite Company along with his 3 full time licensed and qualified technicians.

Jack visited the Termatrac Head Office to share, with us, his personal experience on what he has found to be effective for his business in creating a growing client base and trusting reputation to homeowners.  

Jack has always emphasised the importance of practicing effective and professional treatments. The Termatrac T3i has helped him to do this.

Jack discussed how he uses the device and Termatrac’s data and reporting system to provide a transparent service. The Termatrac (T3i) allows him to double check and pinpoint ‘high problem areas’ and track the activity from the damaged areas found to its entry point. By ‘saving the log’ he is able offer clients informative pre-treatment reports displaying T3i data on termite activity found during inspections, and then provide a post-treatment follow-up report displaying T3i data of eliminated activity. His ability to provide a complete termite inspection report compliant to the Australian Standards (AS3660.2-2017) to his clients has undoubtedly contributed to GC Pest Controls confidence to offer 100% satisfaction guarantee, trusting reputation for homeowners, and in-turn referrals.     

Also, Jack emphasise his practice to be compliant to the Australian Standards.  As more homeowners are becoming aware of the T3i patented Radar Technology listed in the Australian Standards and the extra training needed to become T3i certified, Jack and his technicians use the T3i for every inspection. Jack states, “Informing clients that you are meeting the Australians Standards in every termite inspection gives them trust which is key to building a long-term relationship with the clients. I would not let my technicians do a job without one”.

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