About Us

About Termatrac

Termatrac is Australian owned and operated.

For over 25 years, Termatrac has designed, engineered and manufactured innovative detection technologies. Termatrac was founded in 1990 and patented its first technology in 1997 which lead to the first product launch of the T1R in Australia in 1999. The T1R revolutionised the market by being titled the ‘Winner of the Australian Design Award’.   

Today, Termatrac T3i All Sensor is in over 55 countries and supports up to 6 languages. Termatrac have a world-wide sales, distribution, service and training network.

Termatrac’s success lies in understanding the needs of Pest Control Operators. Termatrac’s objective to create easy-to-use innovative detection technologies go beyond tracking. Termatrac also provides an online cloud system that syncs with the T3i operate application at the touch of a button. Our reporting system allows clients to generate reliable data from their onsite inspections and valid and reliable report for off-site analysis.

We hope to continually boost the efficiency and the effectiveness of all Pest Control Operators by advancing the way pest control operators perform inspections so they can better serve their customers in the protection against pests and optimise business opportunities.