GC Pest Control

By Hayley Lee

Jack Dixon | GC Pest Control   (1300 468 284) Jack Dixon started his journey as a Pest Control and Termite Management Business Owner 5 years ago. Termatrac first met Jack when he started off as a one man band. Slowly, we have seen him grow his business into a trusted Pest Control and Termite  Read more ➝

The USA Florida Workshop Tour held late April was a complete success. Rick Wikenigg (USA trainer) and Noel Parminter (Australia trainer) successfully trained over 53 Pest control Technicians from 18 Pest Control Companies across Orlando, Ocala, Clearwater, Ft Myers, Miami, Pompano Beach to Boca Raton. At the face to face workshops Rick and Noel were  Read more ➝

Termatrac visited Hawaii recently, and what a treat it was to meet and train a number of our customers. The training venue in downtown Honolulu must surely have some of the best views in the world. We had an onsite visit with Akamai Pest Control, and got to help them find some Hawaiian drywood termites.  Read more ➝