Annual Calibration

Annual calibration for T3i units is highly recommended. The calibration procedure includes T3i Firmware and Software updates. Hardware updates are also applicable if modifications have been made to ensure that all mechanical components are working to specification. Any worn or damaged external features of the device that affect the functionality of the T3i device are replaced.

Once calibrated, units are tested for Quality and Assurance (QA) and issued with a Calibration Certificate. T3i devices that are annually calibrated are also listed on T3i Locators on our website for Homeowners to locate their local T3i Certified technician.

For a peace of mind Termatrac also provides an extended one year warranty for calibrated units. This is Termatrac’s commitment to our clients to provide quality service and support. 

The annual calibration process ensures:

  • Extended 1 year warranty on replaced parts
  • Sensors and electronic components are working to specifications
  • All mechanical components checked
  • External connectors checked
  • Replace any worn or broken external parts
  • T3i Firmware update
  • T3i Software update
  • Checked for quality and assurance (QA)

Calibration cost excludes freight

$325 *

*Price increase 1 Dec 2023 $385

Businesses with calibrated units are shown on the Termatrac Pest Control locator for homeowners to locate you.

Click here for T3i Locator

Termatrac Calibration Service Centre

Australian Service Centre
44/28 Burnside Road
Ormeau QLD 4208
Phone: +61 7 3386 3300
Return Instructions – AUS
(Turn around time 2-3days)

United States Service Centre
2665 North Atlantic Ave, #330
Daytona Beach FL 32118
Phone: (949) 234-8111
Return Instructions – USA
(Turn around time 3-5days)

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