Change of Ownership

In purchasing a second-hand T3i device from existing owners, a Change of Ownership fee charge applies, which the new owner is liable to pay.

Termatrac Ownership Transfer fee of $495.00 includes:

• Change of ownership within the Termatrac database

• Change of Business name within the T3i device

• Termatrac T3i Technical Support

• Provision for Online reporting and access to saved data for report writing

• T3i Specialist Locator – Termatrac Website list your business for homeowners to contact you

• Termatrac Logo and signature brand images and resources for company use

• T3i Training to use the Termatrac device via Live Webinar hosted by a T3i Specialist

• T3i Training Links – 3 Stage Process

• T3i Certificate on completion of T3i Exam

• Subscription for Newsletters and promotions

• Two Vehicle Stickers and Pens

Termatrac strongly recommends when purchasing a second-hand T3i device, you check the date of the last calibration with Termatrac prior to purchase, as calibrations will incur an additional fee. Please see more details under Annual Calibrations. Please contact our offices for further information and for Change of Ownership documentation.

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