Radar Sensor

Termatrac’s Patented Radar Sensor

Termatrac’s unique patented radar technology is unlike any other termite detection technology in the market. Termatrac’s Radar technology allows operators to detect movement.
The Radar sensor technology can be found on both the T3i All Sensor and the T3i SOLO (Radar-Only). Using the radar sensor is as simple as a tap and a scan. The radar technology confirms movement by penetrating through most building materials to locate and track termite and other insect activity.
The T3i Device uses microwave emission to penetrate most building material. This allows Pest Control Operators use the device to locate and track termite and other pest activity within walls. The radar emits high frequency waveforms which can penetrate most building materials and detects any difference in the reflected waveform. These differences come about because of interference caused by moving termite shaped objects which are then displayed on T3i Operate screen.

Key features and benefits of Radar Sensor

  • World’s first Termite Detection Radar Technology
  • Penetrates through common building materials
  • Non-invasive detection technology
  • Reduces effort to drill and disturb termites for confirmation
  • Termite entry point tracking
  • Increase localised treatment
  • Real-time data
  • Non-polarised- performs vertically and horizontally
  • Shake bar- stability indicator to define difference in device movement or pest movement
  • Able to pick up movement from single termite