Small Fish to Big Fish

As pest professional a constant thought lingers in the back of your minds, “How can I grow my client base? How can I differentiate myself from other Pest Control Managers?” Well, there is no simple answer.
Crunch Pest Control started off like most Pest Control businesses. They were just another small fish in a big pond. Today, Crunch Pest Control confidently publicize themselves one of the leading Pest Control companies in Melbourne, VIC with a growing client base.

Crunch Pest Control developing their client base by emphasizing and thoroughly practicing what they believed to be ‘professional’ termite and pest control. They insured that all technicians were fully qualified, government licensed and accredited. They also strived to adhere to strict regulations to be able to provide their clients with the safest and most effective treatments.
However, to keep up within the competitive industry and maintain professionalism Crunch Pest Control soon reached out to Termatrac after noticing Termatrac in the Australian Standards AS 3660.2:2017 as a recommended Specialist Detection Tool. After reaching out to Termatrac, Crunch Pest Control realized the potential benefits of the T3i device. Not only was the T3i a recommended Specialist Detection Tool by the Australian Standards but it was a device that could allow CPC’s technicians to perform non-invasive inspections whilst being able to provide homeowners with data (evidence) to prove or disprove infestation. Most importantly, the T3i was a device that was going to help the company keep their promise in providing safest and most effective treatments.
After only 2 months with Termatrac’s T3i All Sensor Crunch Pest Control is already seeing a difference in the response from their clients.


“I engaged the services of a client in Warrandyte who had concerns regarding a previous treatment he had done in July 2017 by another company. He had walls taken down and spray treatments done internally and externally. The company returned to perform his annual inspection recently and declared no active termites. He was however concerned as he had noticed some swelling of timber in the floorboards near the entrance to his home. He called me to have a look and conduct a termite inspection on his home.

During my inspection using the Termatrac I was able to locate 6 different areas in his home with live termites, even in the walls he had taken down, had sprayed, and repaired.

Both he and his wife were so impressed with the Termatrac (as I was able to physically show them on my tablet) and how I conducted my inspection that I secured the job for a baiting program to eliminate the termites. He also works closely with a large building firm and I can confirm that the building firm have sent me an email this morning requesting me to do all of their Pre-Purchase and Timber Pest Inspections. This demonstrates the importance of using the Termatrac and the benefits that flow on from there.
So, I would like to thank you so much for such an amazing product and being a pleasure to deal with. I am looking forward to more substantial growth in my business due to using the Termatrac.”

-Crunch Pest Control, 2018

There is no set answer to how to run a business and grow your client base. However, at Termatrac we strive to develop innovative technologies and devices for the Pest and Building Industry that will help technicians to uphold professionalism. Most importantly we strive to aide T3i operators in performing efficient inspections and providing reliable reports to clients to maximise their business opportunities and growth.


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