Stage 1

Training Link and Introductory Exam

The training link is an online video of a Termatrac Trainer demonstrating the basic components and the uses of the Termatrac.

After viewing the short video clients are required to complete a short introductory exam.
Stage 2

Practical training

Once Stage 1 is completed, clients are required to complete a face to face session (workshop/webinar). During workshop/webinar the trainer will provide information and tips on how to best use the device whilst providing practical tips on how to work more efficiently with the Termatrac T3i.
Stage 3

Final Certification Exam

Once stage 2 had been completed, clients are sent out a link to complete their T3i Certification exam. The exam examines content covered during Stage 1 and 2 as well as their general knowledge of inspections. To pass the Certification exam clients are required to answer more than 80% of the questions correct. Once the client has passed the exam they will be sent a Certification Certificate acknowledging that they are a Certified T3i Technician.

Optimise business Opportunity

Watch videos and hear about how Pest Professionals and Building Inspectors are applying the benefits of the T3i in all aspects of their business.

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