The T3i Suite includes access to T3i Operate and the Termatrac Online Reporting System. 

Termatrac Cloud Based Reporting System was introduced as a service to compliment the reliability and validity of T3i technology.

Termatrac Cloud Based Reporting System allows T3i operators to be able to save all reportable data for each site visit on the T3i Operate Application and then access it off–site for the operators own or client records via a unique Termatrac Online Cloud account.

Report t3i Data

Report T3i Data and boost your credibility.

PROVE that you have located activity pre-treatment and PROVE that you have eradicated activity post-treatment.


T3i Operate Application

The T3i Operate Application works as a duo with T3i devices. Connected via Bluetooth the paired T3i device feeds data to T3i operate to generate measures of movement (Radar Sensor), moisture (Moisture sensor) and heat (Thermal Sensor).

Key Information

01 Real-time data from all 3 Sensors (Radar, Moisture and Thermal) is transferred via the T3i Operate Application to the Termatrac Online Cloud.
02 Conduct on-site and off-site analysis anywhere, anytime in ‘View Jobs’ in T3i Operate menu bar.
03 Data readings are easily downloaded onto a Personal Computer for fast and easy report generation.
04 Wireless Bluetooth connection so operators can monitor data on the Android display device in a comfortable position up to 20 metres away.
05 Data can be saved to be used as a supplement to inspection reports.
06 Easily search past saved logs and T3i device details.
07 Upload saved logs from T3i Operate to Termatrac Cloud using mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Termatrac Cloud Based Reporting on Termatrac Online

One of the obligations for pest inspections is providing a clear, accurate and reliable report of inspection findings for customers. The live-stream data from all 3 Sensors (Radar, Moisture and Thermal) is transferred via T3i Operate Application to the Termatrac Cloud based Report system using Wi-Fi or mobile data. Termatrac Cloud has infinite storage allowing operators to store over a decade’s worth of logs.  The system was designed to allow T3i Pest Control Operators to conduct on-site and off-site analysis and provide pre-treatment and post treatment reports with data. The reports are also a good way to keep track of your clients’ inspection history and follow-ups.  Termatrac reports are also valuable materials to provide to your clients emphasizing the credibility and professionalism to T3i Pest Control Operators.

How it works? Once you have uploaded your scans to Termatrac cloud via T3i Operate, login to your unique Termatrac Online Cloud and start a ‘new’ report on Termatrac online. Then, select the scans you wish to use for the report and fill-in-the-blanks. Simple. Termatrac’s Cloud based reports are customizable, allowing operators to add logos, images and necessary text to generate a reliable report.

Developed to be user friendly the Termatrac online data in a report can aid in emphasizing the credibility and professionalism to T3i Pest Control Operators. Using Termatrac Online cloud report provides customers with peace of mind as well as proof that you have eliminated pest activity.


Key Information

01 Easily generate Termatrac Inspection reports to use as an annex to the official inspection report.
02 Create separate customisable reports on Termatrac Online based on any T3i data obtained during inspection
03 User Friendly
04 Print or email reports
05 Infinite online cloud storage
06 Access to all past saved logs and past reports for follow-up inspections.


Technology Aided Inspections

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