State-of-the-Art Temite Detection Technology

Termatrac’s detection technology is unique to the market, designed and  specifically calibrated to detect termites and other insect activity. The Radar sensor technology can be found on both the T3i All Sensor and the T3i Radar-Only. The radar technology confirms movement by penetrating through most building materials to locate and track termite and other insect activity.

How the technology works?

The radar sensor releases high frequency low microwave emissions to penetrate the building material. The waveforms can penetrate most building materials and detect any difference in the reflected waveform. These differences come about from interference caused by movement which are then displayed on T3i Operate screen. This allows operators who use the device to locate and track termite activity and other pest activity beneath the surface.

Key Information

01  World’s first Termite Detection Radar Technology
02  Penetrates through most common building materials
03  Reduces disturbance for confirmation and effort to drill
04  Termite entry point tracking
05  Pinpoint active areas and increase localised treatments
06  Live-steam activity detected by T3i device
07  Non-polarised sensor-performs vertically and horizontally
08  Shake bar – Stability indicator to define difference in T3i device movement or pest movement
09  Save T3i Data – Capture live stream activity detected by T3i Device


Technology Aided Inspections

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