Pinpoint Thermal Anomalies

The T3i thermal sensor detects changes in the surface temperature and thermal anomalies. Operators can pinpoint thermal changes with field-view laser guide. T3i operators are thinking outside the box to find rodents housing within walls or dead carcasses. The T3i Thermal sensor produces clear numerical results allowing no room for interpretation.

How the technology works?

The sensor performs a similar role to Thermal Imaging camera without the display of the digital image. By simply pointing the laser guide at the target surface area the thermal sensor will display sudden changes in the walls surface temperature between two points. Operators can select a reference point to find any abnormal changes in temperature around the area of interest. Thermal sensor is quick and easy with a simple process. Termatrac’s Thermal sensor uniquely displays a numerical bar graph of clear results. This allows the operator to see the results without interpretation.

Key Information

01  Clear numerical results
02  Accurate ‘point to scan’
03  Pinpoint thermal changes with field-view laser guide
04  Numerical bar graph
05  Easy to operate, simple and quick
06  Ability to choose reference
07  Same technology as thermal imaging camera without the pixel image


Technology Aided Inspections

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