The USA Florida Workshop Tour

The USA Florida Workshop Tour held late April was a complete success. Rick Wikenigg (USA trainer) and Noel Parminter (Australia trainer) successfully trained over 53 Pest control Technicians from 18 Pest Control Companies across Orlando, Ocala, Clearwater, Ft Myers, Miami, Pompano Beach to Boca Raton.

At the face to face workshops Rick and Noel were able to present technicians with information, usage and practical tips on how Pest Control Operators (PCO’s) can work efficiently using the Termatrac T3i. The workshop became even more valuable after a general conversation with the technicians regarding type of species, building structures and climate in their region. This information allowed Noel and Rick to provide information specific to the conditions PCO’s would be working in.

Also, as awareness about Termatrac Technology continually grows throughout the United States, it was no surprise to see PCO companies and Building Inspection Companies who were not yet Termatrac clients join the workshops. At the workshops these companies were able to listen to Noel and Rick discuss the functions and the practical and cost effective advantages of using a Termatrac. Most importantly, the provisional companies were able to listen and learn from individual PCO’s that have productively been using their device during their inspections.

Rick and Noel finished the USA Florida Workshop Tour in Boca Raton attending the Target Specialty Products Convention along with the Termatrac USA Marketing Team.  At the Specialty Products Convention Noel and Rick provided practical training and provided live demonstrations to around 150 attendees. During the demonstrations, Noel and Rick answered questions to build consumers understanding of the T3i’s unique technology that will help PCO’s confidently confirm and locate Termites and other insects during their inspection of structural properties; eliminating guesswork.

Among many of the questions asked here are just a few that were asked during the sessions:

Q. How do we determine the movement were seeing with the Termatrac is Termites, Ants or something else in that area of the wall?

A.   Termites and other insects will show a different pattern on the radar line graph on your android display. The patterns on the line graph appear different based on the amount of pest activity that passes through the radar beam. For example, Subterranean Termites will move constant and have more termites moving through the radar field this will generally cause the graph to display sharper peaks and fewer valleys. (Refer to Image 1)


Image 1: Subterranean termites (Coptotermes acinaciformis) in Brisbane, Australia.

However, Drywood termites to have less movement and do not work in lines will show a completely different pattern or small peaks as one Drywood termite passes the radar field. Based on a study on Low Energy Microwaves Technology (Termatrac) (Taravati, 2018) the radar technology on a Termatrac device produced a detectable signal even on a single Drywood termite. (Refer to Image 2)   

Image 2: Drywood termites ( Cryptotermes Brevis) in Oahu, Hawaii, USA.

 Q.  What sort of support does Termatrac provide for Termatrac users after purchase?

 A.  At Termatrac we put high importance of the need to ensure that Termatrac users becomeT3i Certified Technicians. Thus, Termatrac has been providing Certification Training to insure that all T3i Users are using the Termatrac confidently.

The Certification Training consists of 3 stages. The First stage is our training link which we provide an online video of a trainer demonstrating the basic components and uses of the Termatrac. After the video, clients are required to take short Introductory exam. The second stage is Practical Training where clients are required to attend a workshop or organize a webinar. The second stage is a face to face session where the one trainer provides hands on demonstrations and practical tips to work more efficiently with the Termatrac device. Lastly, Stage 3 is a final exam that is emailed to you once you have completed Stage 2. At stage 3 clients must score above 75% to pass and become certified with the Termatrac T3i.

Q. Is it possible to save the data and graphs during inspection (on-site)? Also, can I and how do I access the data off-site?

 A. Yes, you are able to save your logs from any Radar Scan in which you feel you need to capture and file for that customer. You can also save the reading from the moisture sensor as well showing the moisture levels in a particular area. By simply pressing on one button’ save log’ the data instantly going in to the Termatrac Cloud Based Reporting system. When you are ready to write your report you simply access the data from Termatrac online. The reporting system will automatically generate a Termatrac Report Template including all the data you have uploaded onto the Termatrac Cloud Based Reporting system.  From there you can customize the report with your company name and logo as well as add on-site photos and write text before printing.

 Q. What other types of insects are pest control companies using the Termatrac for today?

 A. We now have many companies using the Termatrac successfully for Carpenter Ants, as well as other invasive ants. It can also be used for Bee removal or eradication to help pinpoint their hives, Rodents who are nesting or traveling through walls and even dead animals in a wall detecting the flies or maggots once they develop. So, yes always be thinking outside the box when it comes to this Termatrac Technology and how you can use it within your operation more effectively.

Q. What is the impact of Termatrac on customer’s inspections when using it to detect live or no live activities with termites?

 A. There is a constant positive response to Termatrac Technicians when they go to customer’s house. The greatest response is when we hear that Termatrac technicians are able to confidently report to their clients and confirm that there is live activity by simply showing the graph on the display device. Also, the confidence to go back for post-treatment follow up and show the customer a flat graph representing that the activity has been eliminated. Many Termatrac Technicians have reported a growth in the client base due to the peace of mind that they can provide to clients from transparent reporting methods, which is something our industry has not been able to provide until now.


Taravati, S. (2018). Evaluation of Low-Energy Microwaves Technology (Termatrac) for Detecting Western Drywood Termite in a Simulated Drywall System. Journal of Economic Entomology.

Termatrac would like to thank the following companies for providing Termatrac workshop space during the USA Florida Workshop Tour:

Safer Home Services Clearwater FL

Larue Pest Management Ft Myers, FL

Guarantee Floridian, Miami, FL

Truly Nolen Pompano Beach, FL

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