Monopod - $150.00

Ultimate reach tool

The 250g lightweight monopod extends up to 1.35m with the quick release bracket. The heavy duty steel monopod enhances the operator’s ability to inspect hard to reach areas without having to bend down, kneel or climb a ladder.  Work smart.

Tripod - $150.00

Reach the unreachable

The Tri-pod extends up to 2.7m in height. With shock proof capacities and a solid mounting and T3i locking stand it is the ideal platform to get accurate radar data on ceilings trusses, joists, cornices and exposed beams and skylights etc. The foldable beams make the Tri-pod flexible to adjust the stance and adjustable head of the Tripod to get the perfect angle.  

Monopod Trifeet - $49.00

Steady Feet

The monopod trifeet is recommended to be used with the monopod.  The screw in tri-feet transforms the monopod into a mini tri-stand and creates a stable platform for the T3i device to get an accurate reading with no shake.

T3i Carry Case - $149.00

Built to Last

The T3i Carry case is highly durable, waterproof and dustproof to keep it protected even in industrial environments. To keep all your T3i gear organized the T3i carry case also features customized foam inserts for the T3i device, Android display device and 10 rechargeable batteries. 

Battery Bundle [Charger + 10 Rechargeable batteries] - $99.00

Full Power

Stay energised with a new battery bundle including 10 rechargeable AA batteries and a 10 bay battery charger that features an LCD indicator to display the level of charge.

Battery Charger - $59.00

Smart LCD charger

The Smart LCD battery charger charges AA/AAA/9V/NI-MH/NI-CD batteries. The batteries are trickle charged. The 10 bay battery charger features a LCD indicator to display the level of charge and charges up to 10 AA or AAA batteries.

T3i Performance Polo - $29.95

Light, cool and protective

The professional work deserves a professional look. Termatrac’s performance polo’s have ultra violet protection, absorb body perspiration and moves moisture to surface of fabric where it is evaporated leaving wearer fresh and cool throughout the day. It also features Termatrac embroidery on the right sleeve and back leaving space for operators to label their own name or company name at the front of the shirt.

Arm Band - $18.00

Hands Free

The armband is the perfect accessory for a hands-on inspector. Inspect comfortably and free up a hand by placing your android in an armband. Arm bands are available to suit 4.5” and 5.5” android mobile device series.

Monopod Bundle - $195.00

Gear Up!

The monopod bundle is a combination of the Monopod, Trifeet and Armband. It is perfect for inspectors who are searching for an alternate method of reaching low and high areas without having to bend down or climb a ladder. The trifeet give you extra stability for activity readings and the armband helps operators work hands free of the display device. It’s the T3i’s ultimate partner in crime.

5pk Rechargeable Battery - $27.50

Power Up!

High quality Nickle Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries, lasting up to 2100 charges with a low self-discharge keeping you powered up during inspections.

Termatrac Cap - $24.95

Professionalism from head to toe

Look professional from head to toe, starting from the head with the Termatrac Cap. Just like the T3i units the Termatrac cap is a quality cap with Termatrac branding and Termatrac yellow indented peak, breathable cotton and a Velcro fasten strap.

Vehicle Sticker - $10.00

Travelling billboard

Market your professionalism and increase your business opportunity with a T3i Certified Termatrac vehicle sticker. The bright yellow 300mm to 140mm, heat and water resistant sticker is a simple way to stand out on the road and let homeowners know you are a certified specialist detection tool operator. Stand out and make your vehicle a travelling billboard.

Annual Calibration - $299.00

Maintain warranty

Annual calibration for T3i units is highly recommended. The calibration procedure includes T3i Firmware and Software updates. Hardware updates are also applicable if modifications have been made to ensure that all mechanical components are working to specification. Any worn or damage external features of the device that affect the functionality of the T3i are replaced.

Once calibrated, units are tested for Quality and Assurance (QA) and issued with a Calibration Certificate. T3i devices that are annually calibrated are also listed on T3i Locators on our website for Homeowners to locate their local T3i Certified technician.

For a peace of mind Termatrac also provides an extended one year warranty for calibrated units. This is Termatrac’s promise to their users to provide the highest quality.