3 Stage T3i Certification Training

On-line and Off-line Certification Training

At Termatrac we place high importance on providing certification training. As we believe that the device is only as good as its operator. The certification training consists of three stages.

Stage 1

Training Link and Introductory Exam
The training link is an online video of a Termatrac Trainer demonstrating the basic components and the uses of the Termatrac.
After viewing the short video clients are required to complete a short introductory exam.


Stage 2

Practical training
After clients have completed Stage 1, clients are required to complete a face to face session (workshop/webinar). During the webinar the trainer will provide hands on demonstrations on how to best use the device whilst providing practical tips on how to work more efficiently with the Termatrac T3i

Stage 3

Final Certification Exam
Once stage 2 had been completed, clients are sending out a link to complete their online certification exam. The exam examines content covered during Stage 1 and 2 as well as their general knowledge of inspections. To pass the Certification exam clients are required to answer more than 70% of the questions correct. Once the client has passed the exam they will be sent a Certification Certificate acknowledging that they are a certified T3i technician.